9 things to know about me

  1. I’m a biologist turned bio-image informatician and data engineer.

  2. I’m a fan of typed functional programming. I mostly use Scala, but I’d love an opportunity to use Haskell / Rust / PureScript / OCaml at some point.

  3. While it kills me a little inside sometimes, I still enjoy writing Clojure, R, Python, Java and others (in that order).

  4. I like data! Analysing, moving, organising, cleaning and visualing all kinds of data gets me up in the morning.

  5. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

  6. I currently work at MYOB, where I help to build and operate platforms for data management and analytics.

  7. I enjoy playing sport–I’ve been known to run a little at lunch time.

  8. You can reach me by em@il at keith dot schulze at gmail dot com.

  9. You can also find me on Twitter and Github.